Monday, September 28, 2009

My Monday off!

I'm a hairstylist working in a Beauty Shop that's closed every Sunday and Monday.....So...I have Mondays to 'play' or 'shop', 'run errands', or like today...Doctor appointments! Sometimes I have them to myself, other times Todd will take Monday off also! What I really enjoy are the days I can 'play' which is when I go in my sewing room and don't resurface for hours!!! I love to create. In the beginning, which was about 5 years ago, I purchased an "Esante" Sewing/Embroidery machine by "Babylock" and I proceeded to make handbags, totes, and diaper bags galore!!1 I ended up making and selling enough of them to pay off the sewing/embroidery machine! I've made only a few since our move, even though my beautiful sewing room was one of the first rooms in the house to be completed!!! Todd, on the other hand had to wait until recently for 'his' Billiard room...but as of last week....that room is also finished...except for 4 barstools I have to recover.

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