Friday, October 30, 2009


I had a great week but am glad work's over!!!!  Although I do have two clients to color and cut Saturday...but that's not so bad!  Saturdays are different!  Then off to a friend's to watch the Dawgs play (and hopefully win!).  Still having the   "plantar faciitis"  foot problems!  Oh well...still working on it with the PT!  He was dressed up for Halloween as "Jason" and jumped out at me as I entered his Physical Therapy office this afternoon!  Made me scream of course!  He's like a big kid!  Really cute, though!  It's great to keep a sense of humor in the midst of all the pain!!   I'm really glad to have my camera finally and want to post some more pictures to share with everyone!!   Love looking at all your blogs!  Have a great Halloween everyone!
Foyer Before

(above) This is our foyer when we first moved in!   Todd closed off this entry to the formal living room, and we removed the grass cloth wallpaper, also put in new wood flooring  and painted!  This was last years birthday/Christmas gift for me from him!  Still enjoying it...and will for many years to come!

Below are the Foyer and Dining Room AFTERS!

Next I'll show a few of the Powder Room:   BEFORE


I had to remove two layers of wallpaper in here!  Started painting all the trim white, but since we're eventually gutting it and completely changing the whole powder room...I decided not to paint all the cabinetry white!  It's at least livable for now!


Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Hi Judy, thanks for becoming a follower! It looks like we have a lot in common; we both love changing things in our homes.

I'm curious, what is framed above the console table in your dining room? It almost looks like a tapestry. Very pretty.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Judy, thanks for stopping by & welcome to blogging. Hang in there, it takes a while to get it all going. I wrote a post last month on 10 Tips for New bloggers, so you might want to read that for some advice:

And I hope you'll add me to your button collection! :) I'm a GA girl too & moved from Marietta, my hometown.

Judy King said...

Thanks Rhoda! That will be very helpful!