Monday, October 26, 2009

My Romantic Guest Room

This is my "Romantic" guest room that I most recently finished.   (not my husband's favorite colors) but he was gracious enough to let me go with my ideas!  His billiard room was also being done so he had his way with that one. Todd is really flexible (most times!) Actually...he's wonderful!!! I'll post his pics later!  The color is a very subtle, pale pink!  It was a fun room to do!  The bedding, by Croscil was purchased at "Tuesday Morning".

The ceilings aren't very high, so I had to go with this little white, crystal chandelier. There's also a white medallian above it, which isn't showing here.

The antique lamp (below)  with painted roses on the chest belonged to my paternal grandmother, while the dresser, bed and nightstand belonged to my maternal grandmother.  After being stored away for years the furniture had to be cleaned up and I painted them bright white.
Todd found this chest of drawers about to be thrown in the's beautifully finished now to match the rest of the furniture.

I have an addiction to bags...tote bags, handbags, diaper bags...etc.,  I actually have a handbag business.  (I'll share that with you all later!!!)  But this one I just had to have hanging in my guest room!

This is one of the valances I made.

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