Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We shared a great meal with great friends today!  Spoke with my son, Stephen, who lives in Hawaii.  He and his wife, Izzy were still cooking their turkey feast!  It' 5 hours earlier out there.  I'll probably be in bed sleeping by the time they'll be feasting!!!  It was great to hear from them.   Tonight the Christmas decorating bug bit!!!  My Husband, Todd, got allllll the boxes out of the attic and put a 6' tall, pre-lit tree in every window on the front of the house!!!!  Then I proceeded to have to "fluff" out all the branches on each one!  That is all I'll get done tonight!  Tomorrow I'll be picked up by my friend, Cindy, at 8:00 a.m. to head off to do a little shopping!  Hope to find some bargains!  I'm not so sure what I'm even looking for...oh well....something to do!  Then home to put ornaments on the "big" tree in our family room.  If I find any deals on ornaments, I may decorate the trees on the first floor.  Last year we only had multi-colored lights on all but the family room tree!  Will post some photos soon!!  I'm really enjoying all of the blogs I follow!  Thanks to everyone for sharing their beautiful blogs!

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