Monday, November 16, 2009

I've definetly been visiting all my favorite blogs, just about every day, but have fallen short in posting.   I've made plans to fly out to CO for Thanksgiving, to spend several days with my daughter, Michelle!  I'm real excited about that!  But other things have been occupying my mind this week!  I so look forward to seeing her!  It's been quite a long while!  My birthday is the 25th, so my family's gift to me is the trip out to CO.   My parents are paying for my airplane ticket, and my 4 sisters and nephew, Michael, have pitched in and are helping to pay for the hotel!  What a wonderful birthday this will be!!!  They are all so very thoughtful!  Of course I've been on the phone a good bit....calling everyone of them, to thank them.  It means more to me than any of them will ever know!  Todd will be home for the holiday, probably eating over at our friend's for Thanksgiving.  This will be a special one on one time for me and Michelle. 

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Karen said...

Hi Judy.
LOL. You are going to die when I tell you how I attached those skirts. First I made them with box pleats, so I could have the buttons on them, to hide what I thought would be velcro - just like yours. But hmmmm . . . they kept falling off. One morning I walked in and 1/2 of it was on the ground. And I had even used E6000, (not hot glue) but the weight of the fabric kept pulling it down. So my very clever son said "Screw it Mom". "Excuse me?" "Screw it in - all of it." He then took the screw gun, got some small screws and literally "screwed" it to the table at every other button. LOL. And it worked. BUT! Learn from my mistake!! Don't screw thru the velcro!!! Remove it first - and have someone help you hold the skirt in place when you go to screw it in. They are just those folding tables you get at Sam's Club - not expensive tables or anything. When I moved the tables, I took them off - it's so easy - then rehung them again. And you can't see where I've done it because of the fabric. Except I am short one button! But I got them in the garment district downtown LA so it's not like I can just go find another somewhere. UGH! oh well. I will be sewing another one when I get the room painted. I want something a little more vintage looking, a little softer.

Thanksgiving in Colorado. I would kill for that! Sigh.

May I make a suggestion on your blog? Under your profile, you might want to allow Emails. It makes it a little more "private" - well that's not the right word, but it makes communicating with you a little easier. Just a thought!

Have a great day! Karen