Thursday, February 18, 2010

Okay!! An update on Beach Guest Room!

Finally found a few items to accessorize this room with!  Still need some pictures for over the headboard!  It's been fun...Oh yeah...Todd put up my curtain I need to decide on valances or bought or  handmade???? That remains the question!  Found the lamp at Home Goods in Savannah, while visiting my Mom.  Todd wasn't so sure he liked it at first but since I LOVE it, he says it's alright!  Hope everyone is well and survived the snow we had here, in Macon, GA!   I'll also add a few of those pics as well!  Bye for now!

This is the only live plant we was in Todd's bathroom it's in the guest room....I don't have a green thumb, so this is his baby!

As you can see...I had him move them in a we (he) has to patch and paint over the first set of holes....and then I have to paint the slats in the windows....he saved that for me! 

...and the snow we had the other day....or shall I say evening because that's when I went outside to take the was beautiful, the snowflakes were really big ...and melted the next morning!  That's the kind of snow I can handle!

I prefer looking at the "Beach" room...sooooo ready for Spring!


Anonymous said...

I love what you've done in that room. Any guest would be in heaven sleeping in there! I really like the lamp also.

Middle daughter is now out of college and moved into her own apartment so I have a "guest" room. I'm in need of a lamp (among a bazillion other things)and I keep going into TJ Maxx, knowing eventually I will find it.

Anonymous said...

The room is so beautiful. I love everything about it -- the color, the clean and crisp whites, and art is so striking with the shells. I love your curtain rods --- just everything!

Judy King said...

Thank you for your sweet comments!

Anonymous said...
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