Sunday, February 21, 2010

Todd's Weekend Project Finished!!!

Foyer Before
and After

Todd is AWESOME...and the new floor is awesome too!
I spent some time this afternoon in my sewing room and when I came downstairs....the beautiful floor was complete, base moulding and all.  Todd's weekend off????  He's my weekend warrior!!!
Next "floor" to be replaced...the Kitchen.
He even vacuumed the carpeted stairs for me.  They look like new!  That shop vac (and the owner is great!)

View into Billiard Room

View from front foyer.

Here are a few more "in the process photos"... almost done


Anonymous said...

Your floor looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and the pictures of the installation make it "LOOK" so easy (haha)! Where can I get one of those? (a "Todd" I mean)

Judy King said...

Well...he's only one of a kind...they broke the mold when they made him!!! He is for the Macon, GA area and only after August!!! Todd stays busy, (Thank you Jesus!!) and Thanks so your comments!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

It looks great! You must be thrilled that it's complete. Todd is the man.

BeautifulDees said...

Very nice, you will enjoy. It is so nice to have men who can do all these nice thing's, to save a buck.

Anonymous said...

It turned out awesome! Nice to have a handy man around isn't it? :-)