Sunday, April 25, 2010

Catching UP!!! APRIL 25th!

It's been quite a very long time since I last updated my blog.  I have been following the blogs that are emailed to me, and the ones I follow through Google reader....but with a lot of family things going on, I haven't been feeling very "Blog Social"!!  Hope you all are doing well.  It's time for me to take down the Spring Cherry Blossom wreath off the front door.  But first a few pics of the beautiful blossoms......

It was quite a sight to behold!  Macon, GA celebrates "Cherry Blossom Festival" for a whole week in March every year!  The trees and weather cooperated wonderfully!!!

My Daughter, Michelle, was here for a couple of weeks.  Her birthday was April 12th, and we spent it together.  She's back in Atlanta now and I miss her very much.  Wish we'd have done more together, but work and various other things seem to get in the way....

I did get her what she wanted for her 29th Birthday.   A"birthday" tatoo of her choosing, and I highlighted her hair!  We ate out...watched movies.  She sunbathed!  Her beautiful dog, Fenn, also was here with her, and they went on long walks together every day.   ( regretfully I didn't take very many pictures.)

Did I mention.....purple and orange highlights????
Michelle definetly "listens to the beat of her own drummer."....I LOVE her dearly!!!  Always have....Always will.....
I do miss her. I'll take more pics next time she visits!

My Son, Stephen and his wife Izzy will be here for a visit in May! I'm really looking forward to that. I'll take lots of pictures and then they'll be moving to Wales.  Guess I'll have a new place to visit!!!


Todd's been busy working out of town a bit, but when he's home he does do a lot for me!  The kitchen is still a "work in progress".   We painted a greyish/green over the once red walls.

The pic above is where the color shows up in the true shade of the paint!
Below the pics are a little dark....But it gives you an idea.

I haven't decided on fabric yet, for the chairs or  window treatments!

We had a new smooth ceiling put in,

added some extra moulding, painted the ceiling a couple of shades lighter than the walls,
and added some canned lights.

All the trim had to be painted white! 

Below are pictures of the new backsplash Todd put up!  It's tumbled stone, harlequin diamonds!
Goes awesome with our granite!  He did a great job!
And....let's seeeeee.....
My 4 sisters, my Mom and myself, flew to Chicago to surprise my only Brother for his "50th" Birthday!!!  Got to see our nephews and where they live, play, go to school, and church.   I forgot my camera, so as soon as my sister, Kathleen, sends me pictures, I'll share them.  The weather was great and it was wonderful to have all the siblings (and Mom) together!  Next time we do that will be our "annual" 4th of July week together at Tybee Island!

Todd has the yard looking pretty good!  He spread about 75 bales of pine straw and pruned a few trees!  Everythings looking lush and green!!

Now he's relaxing, watching TV and I think I'll go join him!! Hope everyone has had a wonderful APRIL!!!

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Anonymous said...

Finally, you're back.I'm soooo glad to see you and wow girl, have you been busy!!I love all of your projects and all of your photos. Your home is just gorgeous and the color, kitchen, wow!!!

I have two daughters out of my home and one in and I miss the ones that are gone sooo much so I know just how you feel. They take a piece of our heart with them when they grow up and move out.

Stay in touch and post more often. You are missed :)