Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A little something to share - ROMAN SHADES the easy way!

Finally going to share a post on something I made following wonderfully detailed instructions here from littlegreennotebook &  from Angela here

I put up these Damask curtain panels from Pier 1 Imports about 6 months ago....but after seeing a DIY how to on 365 days 2 simplicity blog I hadddddd to attempt making them into Roman Shades using the mini blinds that were already in the windows.  Sooooo I'd like to share this.....
 Here are the curtains hanging on one of the two windows on either side of my cutting table!
 I had painted the five drawer knobs black and screwed them in with double ended screws and added black grosgrain ribbon to the curtain panels.....
 So....I took down the mini blinds and laid them out on the floor and proceeded to cut the 'ladder string' that holds each blind in.  Careful not to cut the 'bold' string that makes them raise up & down.

 Next I removed the little round tabs holding the bottom rung on and removed all but the six blinds I intended to attach the material to.

 My windows are 60" in length so I left 6 blinds 9" apart to create my Roman Shade folds!
 The rest I threw away.
 Next step was to reattach the bottom rung with the little tabs back on.
 The curtain fabric was too wide now and too long so I cut it to fit the inside of the window frame and then hemmed each side and the top.  (The bottom was already hemmed).

 Next, I applied glue to each of the 6 blinds (avoiding getting glue on the string!)  And adhered them to the fabric.

 After hanging my new Roman Shade....I hemmed the rest of the curtain so as to make a valance....I hated not to reuse the little black knobs and the ribbon was already attached.  and VOILA!!!

 Here's a picture of my IKEA items for organizing my 'Stuff'.  Then I just repeated it all for the other  window!  I'm so glad I came across this DIY tutorial! 
Now I'll show a few more pictures of the rest of the room.....mind you it is in 'work mode' condition!

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Mrs. Chic said...

I LOVE your craft room, the thread alone is making my heart melt! :) Can we be friends so I can come over a sew! :)

The roman shades look good, I like the damask fabric! :)

Judy King said...

Thank you Mrs. Chic!

Judy said...

That's a great tutorial. I am decorating my nephew's room this weekend and he has one of those blinds in his room which I was going to just throw out. Now I am definitely going to try this. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

Amy said...

Ooh, that looks great! So glad you shared at Shine On Fridays! And wow, you are so organized, look at that thread! Wish my craft room looked that way!

Waseem said...

The room is so beautiful....You turned it out...look fantastic.

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Anonymous said...

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