Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Finally Friday! 11-11-11

 Happy Veterans' Day to all our soldiers, past and present!

Always so glad to see Friday arrive...even though I do occasionally work on Saturday (half day)!!  It's just a good feeling to welcome the weekend...when I know I'll have more time to create, clean, catch up, rest, visit with friends or family and just plain be 'home' ...oh yes....more computer time to check out all the lovely blogs.  I find so many to look at through all the Linky parties in the Blogs I come across.   Great way to see new ideas for creating and decorating and sharing with new 'friends'.    Then of course there's PINTEREST!!!    Great way to 'save' ideas to look at later!

Todd has been outside with the power blower trying to rid the lawn and driveway of leaves!  For a couple of hours anyway...then loads more will fall.  Temperature is going to fall into the high 20's tonight, witch is too cold for Macon Georgia!!  Oh'll probably be back up in the 70's by Monday. 

  Have a Great weekend!


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