Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First PROJECTS of 2012!

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year's Eve celebration!  My husband, Todd and myself had a quite evening, actually, dinner, we had grilled out, watched a little TV then asleep right before midnight!! But...awoke to hear lots of fireworks as the neighbors celebrated! was a nice evening!  (I did get some computer time in there also!)

So far we've been rather productive with a few projects to start out the new year! My husband particularly!  Having ordered new windows, which arrived right before Christmas,  (all 29 of them)....he had planned to replace the old with the new a 'few' at a time...but once he got started, he was on a roll!

Out with the old wooden windows...

In with the new double pane vinyl windows!

After several days, he's finished!  All done! He removed the 'stop molding', ripped out the old windows, (one at a time), inserted the new ones and replaced all the trim and caulked as he went along.   

Didn't even have to take down the curtains in most of the rooms!  

(Billiard Room)

So...VOILA...we have new energy saving windows!  Hopefully the utility bills will be lower!!

Now on my part...I did help by stuffing some insulation, using a putty knife all around the windows before the trim was replaced!  And gave lots of moral support and much gratitude!!  Todd's definitely an awesome husband!!

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