Monday, October 5, 2009

A great Monday day off!!

I got a good bit accomplished today on my day off!!!  Although I did go in to the salon to cut a client's hair since he's only in town for today.  Then had to monogram a birthday gift and get it in the mail.  Had an appointment this afternoon with a Physical Therapist who uses "aggressive massage therapy" for heel pain "plantar fasciitist, which I've been suffering with for about 9 months now!  It's extreme pain and soooo many people I've talked to have experienced it!  Boy was the massage therapy  ever aggressive??!!  That pain was almost unbearable!  But he really hit the spots that cause the problem.   He said  it'll take several weeks worth of visits to get rid of it, I guess.   I'll try anything.  When I returned home, I spent a little time checking out fellow bloggers...then went to my sewing room and didn't come out until about 4 hours later.  I sewed and monogrammed the cornice covers and made a pillow to match, for my Pink guest room.  Todd cooked a frozen pizza for dinner...and watched House on the downstairs TV while I listened to it while creating in my sewing room.  Now I'll join him for a little while before bed time.  Talked to my daughter tonight!  She sounded good!  Glad to hear from her.  That's all for now!  Hope everyone had a great Monday!!!

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