Sunday, October 4, 2009

It was a stay in and watch movies/read a good book  kind of Saturday...especially after the GA Bulldogs lost. I did finally sew and Monogram my cornice fabric for the two windows in my Pink guest room! Now I just have to put them up!  Todd hung the cornice boards, now I have to add the velcro and attach them!!  It's been quiet here the past few days!  Todd and I have just kind of run errands here and there, ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel, grocery shopped, then spent time together at the house!    (I haven't been able to remedy the camera problem yet.)   Tomorrow I'm going to put out 3 bales of hay with Pumpkins and Mums!  Then clean house....Monday off!?!!??  Oh well...gotta do it sometime!  Then a Pedicure!!!  So long....for now.

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