Monday, June 28, 2010

Let me update a little!

It's quite late, Sunday P.M.  (Monday a.m. by now) and I'm not really ready to end the day.  I haven't decided what to write but thought I'd jot down a few things.  This morning, Sunday, I got up way too early (the first time).   Todd went to work, so, I went back to bed and then overslept and missed Church...which disappointed me.  I really like the Church I'm going to and look forward to the Reverand's sermons.   Oh well....I quess I needed the sleep.
Fixed breakfast/lunch and sat in a recliner watching "Dances with Wolves" for  several hours!!!!   Great movie, just lasts toooooo long.  As not to have the day be a complete loss, I did some house work and finished all the laundry!  I painted Kilz on a dresser that I'll put a coat of satin latex white on tomorrow, (which is already 'today').  Then I did 'Create' a little in my sewing room.  Made valances for  the blue, beachy bedroom, but haven't taken a picture of them yet.   The other day I made a diaper bag for a customer that had a baby girl last week.   That's always fun!  I love making 'bags'!!!  So I had fun making this one for baby Kassidy!

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Here are the Hydrangeas from my yard that lived a really long time!
Notice the HUGE mirror above!  Todd is doing a complete remodel for someone and she hated this mirror.....Her gain.treasure...When I pulled into the garage and saw it, I immediately knew where, (in my newly remodelled kitchen)Todd could hang it for me.!!!!.
These pics don't really do it justice!

Anyway....I'm getting sleepy "goodnight" or should I be saying "goodmorning"?  Hope I don't sleep in too late and miss my Monday off!  Bye for now!  Judy


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your visit to my blog! I notice you are from Tybee Island, Ga...We visited there last year for the first time and then stopped back in Savannah a few months ago. I just love the whole area! You are so lucky to have grown up there and be able to live so close still to visit. You must have read my comment on Penny's blog a bout IKEA. Yes, I do intend to have some fun! Have a great day!~Hugs, Patti

w said...

love the bag. and wow. what a great treasure that mirror is!

Anonymous said...

I had to check in and realized it's been awhile since we've "talked." I hope you are doing well and I love that mirror. Hugs, Marla