Monday, July 30, 2012

OUR REMODEL UPDATE!!!! (The 'DURING' phase!) ...finally!

OK....So....I'm finally getting back to Blogging!!! And no, it hasn't been because the family room took forever to's because I guess I'm just a bit lax with my blogging skills so I just don't DO IT!! I'm a Blog Procrastinator" (Good thing I don't do it for a living!) I can't even compare to others, I know!
Well..I shared the demolition my husband did in the Family Room..months ago!!
Since then we've shopped, painted, shopped and painted and more of the same!  Finally after a few months....we're finished!!  But..first I want to share some of the "During" photos!
We replaced the paneled walls with sheetrock, since we wanted a more formal look!

Covered the painted brick fireplace too!

and wired it for 'future' TV

On weekends and many evenings, after his daytime job, Todd diligently toiled and labored (with love!) Even on rainy days!!!
 Todd turned the 3 beamed ceiling into a coffered ceiling! Looks more formal!  Then he replaced all the tan electrical outlets and light switches with white ones.  He replaced a single lighting/fan with two hanging lights!

 Found them at Lowe's

Then found this large candle holder that matches the lights (at Z Gallerie)!!!

Next we went shopping and purchased our new rug and sofa at Ashley Furniture!
See allllll the wonderful colors in the rug that we had to choose from, to decorate with?

We picked a neutral sofa so I can add colorful decorative pillows!
Then the painting began....
This is the darkest green in the whole paint store!! Hated it!!! It was actually the 2nd color Todd had painted the room. The first was too pale of a beige!! Both of which a 'decorator' recommended after seeing our new rug! So...then we decided on the paint color ourselves!

Much, much better paint choice!!  We like light and bright!  Happy now!  (Happy wife, happy life!)  Of course he agreed with me!  Next...Todd covered the rest of the fireplace with glass tiles and installed a piece of granite on the hearth!  Now, not any of the old 'brick fireplace' to be seen!!! 

We designed a new mantle and had the cabinet people make it along with the custom built-ins.  Got the idea for this mantle from Candice Olson, similar to one she showed on an episode of her show on HGTV, "Candice Tells All".

Next..laid the rug out, turned on the lights and added the sofa, then began to fill the shelves!

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